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LL Cool J - Control Myself (feat. Jennifer Lopez)

[Jennifer Lopez]
No me puedo controlar
Aqui con el Señor LL Cool J
Y aqui estoy... ya tu sabes
Uno, dos, tres, muevete!

[Jermaine Dupri]
Ya'll know what this is...So...So...Def!

[Verse 1: LL Cool J]
The club was far from empty
It was crowded at the entry (Woo!)
I slide right through like how I do
This girl began to tempt me (Uh-huh!)
She said her name Shayeeda
I could tell her mama feed her (Yeah!)
When they tight and thick them jeans don't fit
I'm L, nice to meet ya (Uh-oh!)
I could feel my body yearning
The room just started turning
Didn't want to go out on the floor
But this girl was so determined
My brain began to sizzle
I'm sweatin' just a little
On the dance floor in the middle
She turned around and giggled
She said

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