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LIZ - Super Duper Nova

[Verse 1]
If I had it my way, we would hit the highway in the sky
Like it was Friday, so kawaii in the disco lights
A karaoke ceremony with just you and I (oh-eh-oh)
It doesn't matter if you're green or blue or boy or girl
Because I love you, none above you, unconditional
And way up here, we got no fear, a modern miracle (oh-eh-oh)

Let's make the moon rock, moon rock, moon rock
Show me how you rock, you rock, you rock
Let's make the moon rock, moon rock, moon rock
Erase the space between

Cosmic, takin' off to a galaxy
Bionic, where our love isn't fantasy
Very very far-a, way up in the star-a
Super duper nova ride
Look at where we are now
We can do the countdown
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off


[Verse 2]
We're splishy-splashy
Goin' down a wonder water-slide
And anyone who wants to tell us "no", we say goodbye
We're gettin' stupider in Jupiter
Go dumb 'n fly (oh-eh-oh)
Pop, pop, pop the bubble
Up, up, up, we travel
An interstellar Benihana, it’s just you and I (oh-eh-oh)

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