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LIL UZI VERT - How To Talk

[Intro: DreamDoll]
And you didn't come here for me, let's talk about it
'Cause if you would have came here for me, that would've been planned
You would've put me on
You ain't say, "Oh I'm coming this day, I'm coming that"
You sit here and you tell me one thing and you always do another
'Cause, cause let me know, let me... let me tell you why
'Cause you're not a man of your word
That's - that's the reason why. So let's talk about it
Oh, you come here for nothing
No, you came here for what?
Whatever you came here for
So, whatever
You have no type of communication at all
So get up out my comments

Talk to me nice (Skrrt)
Talk to me nice (Whatever)
Talk to me nice (Mhm)
Know I'm gon' ball yeah
No way I could fall, yeah (What?)
They predicted next fall yeah (What?)
Look at them, like, "Aw yeah" (No way)
Talk to me (Whoo)
Talk to me nice (Lil Uzi)
Talk to me nice (Uh-huh)
Talk to me nice (Come on)
Or don't talk to me at all, yeah (Nope)
On the way, one call yeah (Yeah)
Count it up and it's all there (Yeah)
Water hittin' look like small tears (Yeah)