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LIL TRACY - Tight Rope


Yeah, bust a nut on her face
Then I threw out the cape 'cause that bitch can't get saved
Took my foot off the brake, who the fuck tryna race?
Yeah, my lawyer is great, got the same one as Drake (Yeah)
Bought that bitch a Uber from her boyfriend crib
I ain't even think that she wanted to suck my dick
But she did that shit, that proves that bitches isn't shit (Isn't Shit)
These critics talking shit, but it don't do shit but benefit

[Verse 1]
Thanks, I'm walking with racks out the bank
Made a 100K, think I'ma faint
And my diamonds is wet like a drink
I'm walking on tightrope, they wanna see me fall
I'm walking on tightrope, I'm walking on tightrope, they wanna see me fall
Swear that nigga a bitch (Swear that nigga's a bitch)
Sign a deal all of a sudden, now you the shit
I'm not tryna to talk shit
But how the fuck you perform for two minutes and then dip?
I'm in first class, and I'm stretching my legs
And my bitch bad, she gon' open her legs
Got a big bag, I be paying my rent
And I'm so rad, I setting the trends
I don't wear Vans, yeah, Fendi my kicks
I do not hold hands, girl, suck on this dick
Fell off a boat man, I got all of the drip
Shout out my folks man, we all finna be rich
I don't have no kids, but these niggas my sons
Got a foreign whip, nigga, try to keep up
Yeah, my engine loud, you can hear when I come
I'm smoking dope, bitch I need a new lung
I be fucking hoes, tryna find me the one
Fuck being broke, bitch, I'm running it up
Yeah my shoes is Fendi, but this jacket Laurent
R.I.P my brother, yeah I do it for Gus

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