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LIL TRACY - Beautiful Nightmare


I pulled up in a all-black Benz, diamonds on my wrist
Shawty scream my name, so I signed it on her tits (Yeah, yeah)
I'm tatted everywhere, I like the pain (Yeah, yeah)
Got a lotta diamonds in my chain (Yeah)
I've been tryna find love in the wrong place
Hey girl, could you lead me the right way?
I love when you put that smile on your face
It takes away my heartache
Your friends told you that I'm no good
They're probably right, but you knew that
Plenty fish in the sea, girl, you got me hooked
She's reelin' me in now, she's reelin' me in now
Your face in my dreams
You're nothin' but a beautiful nightmare
Don't go away, just stay, just stay

Pull up in that Benz truck, bumpin' Lil Peep
I got diamonds on my teeth, promise you it wasn't cheap
Yeah, baby, that's me on the front of magazines
I don't fuck with the police, I be smoking gasoline
Your clothes on my floor, you're in my bed
I'll never forget the things you said
I thought I wanted more, now I'm not sure
'Cause when you're not here I just feel dead

“Beautiful Nightmare” is the second single off of Tracy’s 2019 record Anarchy. Tracy first showed a snippet of the track on his Instagram story on May 15th, 2019, where fans speculated the song to be called “All Black Benz.” However, Tracy later revealed the actual name of the track, “Beautiful Nightmare.” He then posted many more now-deleted snippets of the song, repeatedly teasing the track to build up hype for the song.

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