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Kylie Minogue - All the Lovers

Dance, it's all I wanna do, so won't you dance?
I'm standing here with you why won't you move?
I'll get inside your groove, cause I'm on fire, fire, fire, fire!

It hurts, when you get to close, but baby it hurts!
If love is really good you just want more,
Even if it throws you too the fire, fire, fire, fire!

All The Lovers, that have gone before, they don't compare... To you!
Don't be frightened, just give me a little bit more.
They don't compare... All The Lovers!

Feel, can't you see there's so much here to feel?
Deep inside your heart you know I'm real.
Can't you see that this is getting higher, higher, higher, higher?

Breathe, I know you find it hard but baby breathe.
You'll be next to me, it's all you need.
And I'll take you there, I'll take you higher, higher, higher higher!

All The Lovers, that have gone before, they don't compare... To you!
Don't be frightened, just give me a little bit more.
They don't compare... All The Lovers!

Dance... It's all I wanna do so won't you dance?
I'm standing here with you, why won't you move?
Even if it throws you to the fire, fire, fire, fire!

All The Lovers, that have gone before, they don't compare... To you!
Don't be frightened, just give me a little bit more.
They don't compare... All The Lovers!

"All the Lovers" is a song recorded by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue for her eleventh studio album Aphrodite (2010). It was written by British electropop duo Kish Mauve and was one of the last songs to be recorded for the album. Minogue chose the song as the first single since she felt it was reflective of the euphoric mood on Aphrodite. "All the Lovers" is a midtempo synthpop song with prominent synthesisers, that has been compared to Minogue's 2004 single "I Believe in You". Its lyrics are an invitation to the dancefloor, while comparing previous relationships to one's current lover. "All the Lovers" received acclaim from contemporary music critics, who praised its dance anthem nature and deemed it as a classic Minogue single. The song became a commercial success particularly in Europe, reaching the top ten in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Ireland and Italy, and peaking inside the top five in France, Slovakia and the United Kingdom. The accompanying music video was inspired by the installations of Spencer Tunick, and portrays Minogue on top of a flash mob of people wearing white underwear, surrounded by different white floating objects. Minogue explained that the video was an expression of her view on sexuality and sensuality. It received positive reviews, with critics complimenting its aesthetic and imagery. "All the Lovers" has been performed by Minogue in a number of live appearances, including the fifth's season finale of Germany's Next Topmodel.On 26 June 2010, "All the Lovers" debuted at the U.S. Billboard's Dance/Club Play Songs at number thirty-one. The following week, it climbed at number twenty-two and peaked at number one on 5 August. It debuted at the Canadian Hot 100 at number seventy-two. On 21 June 2010, "All the Lovers" debuted at number fourteen in Australia on the ARIA Charts and eventually peaked at number thirteen. In the United Kingdom, the song charted within the top 5 on the UK Singles Chart at number 4 on its first week. During the first half of the week, the song sold over 18,500 copies in Great Britain. Two weeks later "All the Lovers" reached number three. However, it has subsequently been noted that had the song's physical release been timed simultaneously with the digital download, the song would most likely have reached number one. On 18 June 2010, "All the Lovers" debuted at number six on the Irish Singles Chart. "All the Lovers" has also charted inside the top ten of Austria and Czech Republic, the top forty in Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia), Spain and Sweden. "All the Lovers" lingered for a second week in the top 10 of the European Hot 100 chart thanks especially to its success in the United Kingdom and Italy. It also peaked in New Zealand at number 10, for one week in the charts, after falling out. "All the Lovers" returned to the UK Singles Chart in June 2012, re-entering the chart at number 85. Minogue's first official performance of "All the Lovers" was on 29 May 2010 at the Wind Music Awards in Verona, Italy. Minogue wore an Aphrodite-inspired outfit, with a white-toga dress and gold heels. On 5 June 2010, Minogue unveiled a megamix of her album at nightclub Splash in New York City. During "All the Lovers", she improvised and started singing along to the track. She explained, "I'm elevated, I have a microphone, so of course I'm going to sing along." She also performed the song at the season finale of reality show Germany's Next Topmodel on 9 June 2010. The performance was an emulation of the music video, and Minogue wore a blue print dress and creme high-knee boots. Georgina Littlejohn of the Daily Mail said that "she certainly showed how it was done to her younger pop counterpart Katy Perry, who was also on [the] night's line-up". Ann Lee of Metro called the performance "storming" and added that "[she] gave Katy Perry a run for her money". "All the Lovers" was also performed along with "Can't Get You Out of My Head" at M6 Music Live Event in Paris, France, where Minogue wore a blue slashed dress. She also performed the song along with "Love at First Sight" on British chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, in an episode aired on 25 June 2010. She wore a short silver dress with a black gown over from Balmain. Minogue also performed "All the Lovers" at the gay pride parade in Madrid, Spain on 3 July 2010, and on Australian variety show Hey Hey It's Saturday on 21 July 2010. She performed the song along with "Get Outta My Way" at Miss Italy on 12 September 2010. Minogue also performed the song as a duet with the British boyband JLS for their Christmas special on ITV1 on 11 December 2010. She also performed the song on Diamond Jubilee Concert. The song was used as an encore on the 2011 Aphrodite World Tour. In September 2012, Minogue performed the orchestral version of the song on BBC Proms in the Park 2012. The song was later re-recorded in 2012 at Abbey Road Studios for inclusion on the orchestral album The Abbey Road Sessions. Kylie said of All The Lovers, "The single was one of the last tracks to be written for the album. As I was recording it I knew that 'All the Lovers' had to be the first single; it sums up the euphoria of the album perfectly."

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