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Korn - Everything Falls Apart

[Verse 1]
Close your eyes, fall asleep
Broken promises that you'll never keep
Drift away tonight
Just drift away, alright?
We used to dream, we used to laugh
No one could tell us that this would never last
This ain't a love song
I would never give you one

No more secrets, no more lies
No more feelings or surprise
No more whispered words or lullabies
Go fuck your lies

Everything, everything falls with us
Everything, everything all we’ve had
Everything, everything falls all apart

[Verse 2]
I'd given up, it's all I could take
My hands are shaking, my body could break
Eyes, they lower now
Come on and take me out
I used to care, I used to try
But what's the use? It always ends with goodbye
This ain't a love song
I'd never give you one

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