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Kodak Black - SKRT

Girl, I'm done with you (With you)
Girl, we done, it's through (Girl, we done)
I hit that nigga for the work (I finessed his ass)
Stick and move and then I skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt (Ooh, I'm gone)
What is up with you? (What is up with you?)
I thought I said I'm done with you (I thought I said it's over)
Fuck my school and fuck my teacher, too (I will fuck you over)
Sniper on the roof, he playin' peek-a-boo, skrt, skrt
(He will knock you over) Skrt, skrt, skrt (Skrt, I skrt, skrt)
Jump in that jag, skrt, skrt, skrt
(Ooh, Kodak, skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt)
Skrt, skrt, skrt (Skrt) Ah, ah, skrt, skrt

When I say I keep the poker, I ain't talkin' 'bout no beans
Project baby, you know I got baby bottles full of lean
I've been through so much of shit this shit'll make a nigga sing
I remember rockin' Bugle Boy, now rock designer jeans
God dang, you just like my chain, you just like to swing
It 1k, I got 22k and all my niggas bling
Hit the club on them jiggas, you know all my niggas geeked
You'd think I'm 'bout to smack yo bitch, I made her hit her knees
Met this plug, I was talkin' 'bout he put that thing on me
I finessed him, ain't got time to let you run no game on me
Like I'm workin' out, life done dropped a lot of weight on me
I've been busy, I've been workin' hard so don't you hate on me
You my dawg then just be my dawg and don't you change on me
Don't you switch, don't you change on me, switch lanes on me
I was in that jag, now I'm pullin' up in that Range on me
I ain't in no gang, but if you run up, I'm gon' bang homie
(Kodak let it spray)

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