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Kodak Black - Roll in Peace (feat. XXXTENTACION)

[Intro: Kodak Black]
Ayy, everything be like, off the top these days like
(We got London on da Track)
These days, I don't even know what a pad is these days, ya know?
Yah, ya-ya-ya-yah
Fuck that ho 'cause she a nat nat

[Pre-Chorus: Kodak Black]
You ain't the one for me, baby
You ain't got shit I need, bitch
You want me to take my time with you
Well maybe I'm not your speed bitch
Maybe I'm out your league, bitch
You ain't even got no cheese, bitch
Maybe I'm just too G for you
Or maybe I'm just too street, bitch

[Chorus: Kodak Black]
I can't even roll in peace (Why?)
Everybody notice me (Yeah)
I can't even go to sleep (Why?)
I'm rolling on a bean (Yeah)
They tried to give me eight
Got on my knees like, "Jesus, please"
He don't even believe in Jesus
Why you got a Jesus piece?
If you wanna leave, just leave, but you ain't gotta lie to me
Even the blind can see (Fuck)
That you ain't gon' ride for me
You ain't even showing me the love you say you got for me
There ain't no loyalty, you lied to me
You said that you gon' ride for me

This track off of Project Baby 2debuted in the 50's of the Billboard Top 100 and has received remixes from Travis Scott and Bhad Bhabie of "[song artist= Bhad Bhabie]Catch Me Outside[/song]" fame. It features fellow Floridan rapper XXXTENTACION

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