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Kodak Black - Pimpin Ain't Eazy

Tied, they dead, flies everywhere
Y'all know that, it’s Lil Kodak, ayy, you play, you lay
Ain't no punk in me
Ain't no punk in me but I be pulling out the strap
Like I’m a dyke, or something
Niggas plottin' on us (Ayy, ayy)

I be pullin' out straps on these fuck niggas
I go Young M.A. on these dumb bitches
Like a dyke man, you niggas can't fuck with me
If a nigga says it's up, then it's stuck with me
What's the principle? Pimpin' ain’t easy
I’m invincible, niggas can't beat me
Ayy, what’s the principle? Pimpin' ain't easy
I'm invincible, niggas can’t beat me

[Verse 1]
I was in the 8-5, me and Pac hittin' it
I been out six months, made four million
Slide in the 6-4, windows tinted
Nigga had to get low, them boys start hittin'
Fuck around, hit the lil' hoe with no jimmy
If a nigga say go, better go kill him
Said that Lil' Zo he cut throat with no feelings
Mama watch her lil' boy turn into a menace
I don't care, I go fed and get a life sentence
I want everybody dead, nigga no limit
I don't shake niggas' hands, 'cause I ain't friendly
When I pull up to the crib, have no panties
I been leanin' to the right, like I'm on xannies
I been thuggin' all my life, I ain't romantic
When I whip out the .45, don't panic
When I whip out the .45, don't panic

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