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Knowmads - Sunrise

[Intro: The Impressions]

People get ready, there's a train a' comin'
You don't need no baggage, you just get on board
All you need is faith, to hear the diesels hummin'
Don't need no ticket, you just thank the Lord

[Verse 1: Jester]

Rose up and had a feeling that we need some restitution
The resolution to the destitution retribution
I'm lookin' at illusion confused, now what you provin'
I maneuvered through the nuisance to the hardknock institution
My word is bond and it's free, now that's emancipation
Just rappin' at the transit station while my man's adjacent
I dig into my pocket all my money is spent
Shit I been looking for some change, guess it don't make sense so fuck it
It ain't on limits on myself to fabricate it, acting aggravated
I should be the one to activate it
And magnify your reason 'fore it withers to the ground
Findin' out my soul exists beyond the limits of this town
While everybody's destiny is simply just to rest in peace
A lot won't even rest at ease when lookin' at the mess they leave
So when it's time to let it be, and grim is reapin' steadily
I'll exhale the melody and pass it to the next M.C
[Verse 2: Tom Wilson]

Well it's gotta be the beauty of somethin' that's supernatural
That keeps me spittin' these writtens so I'm up in the Capitol
Smokin' blunts with G-Dub, while Clinton is on Adderall
Cause' after all, I don't care who follows down this rabbit hole
See I don't give a fuck about sex, race or religion
As long as you understand the message and feelin' the rhythm
That's my only inspiration that keeps me up
On these late nights
To lie awake and look forward toward the daylight
Cause' I'm a beautiful soul
And I ain't got no stage fright
But they might
So little angels, spread your wings and take flight
Into the sky I pass the stars and the Sun
To a place where we can reminisce about the ones that we love
Lookin' down at us, as they smile from above
So I raise my fist, and I cry out one
But inside I'm cryin' tears but that's only cause' I'm hurtin'
But stress relieved, makes me a better person

[Verse 3: Tom Pepe]

It took a long time comin', now I'm back to where we started
From reminiscing on when the best days were the hardest ones
Darker suns, brightened souls
True thoughts, and broken homes
Hold the hope to make the most of what was not the life they chose
I write for those, the kids I met in poverty, illiterate
Cause' I was blessed with opportunities I ain't been usin' yet
Millions in this world have to struggle to suffice
But she held me like she never seen a tear in her life
A girl who knew the stars and sun
But not how many is she was
I guess sometimes it takes a child's eyes to make it clear to us
So here we was to purpose you, do more than what the others do
The choice is yours or mine, until you find your way and make it true
And as for me well actually, I just started breathin'
Cause' you ain't really livin' if it isn't for a reason
And if she ever heard my voice again in Guatemala
I'll tell her to find herself and that's the one who I'll be followin' homeYou might also like

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