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Kim Petras - Icy

[Verse 1]
Never loved nobody harder
Never, ever felt stronger
Thought that we would last forever
Gave me something to believe in
Thought that you were all I needed
Look at me, I'm still breathin'

I used to cry over you, baby
I've wasted all this time

Now I got a ice cold heart
VVS' is the only kinda ice I want
Kinda funny how the money can replace the love
So numb, I don't feel it inside me
So dumb, I believed you really liked me
'Cause of you, now my heart is so icy

[Verse 2]
Now I'm on a higher level
I ain't ever gonna settle
Plenty offers on the table
Baby, I don't even hate ya
Really, you did me a favor
Turned my heart into a glacier, yeah

"Icy" is the single by German singer Kim Petras, released on 28 June 2019 as the first single from her debut album "Clarity," which was released on the same day. It was co-written and co-produced by Aaron Jennings, along with Dr. Luke and Vaughn Oliver. A music video was released in October 2019. The song is about being so heartbroken after the end of a relationship that you start to feel nothing inside of you anymore and that phase when your heart feels like it’s turned to ice. Despite Kim Petras' constant weekly release of singles starting with "Broken" in April to "Another One" in June, “Icy” was declared the first official single.

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