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Killing The Dream - Black

It's a slow crash
So just close your eyes
And pray we make it out alive
I never said I had any answers
I've only ever been a passenger
In this life
Where time just keeps passing by
I'm afraid this time
Time has left me behind
Fading slowly, everything's turning grey
I'd run towards color
Instead, I run away
It's not the time to react
Here, we just keep moving on
"Swim with the tide or let it roll over you"
The life you had has gone away
The one you'll have... so far
If I could turn back
Just for an instant
I'd find that kid who looks just like me
And tell him
"Go find some dreams before they're all you can see"
This old man
Who doesn't know the man
That he came to be
And all I've learned from dreaming
Is what you dream can be
What destroys you in the end
Then he asked me
"Where do you go when the life you live
Is not the life you love?"
And in that instant, as he starts to fade
I'll make my peace with time
And let it all turn grey
I'll remember everything
I wanted to say
And Turn to mouth the words
As he slips away
"The lives we live are not the lives we love
So learn to love what you have before it's gone"You might also like

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