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Kid Ink - Blowin Swishers

[Verse 1]
Yeeaah , Uh
Come in where I wanna
Eyes wide shut, clothes reek of marijuana
It's stuffy up in here, got it looking like a sauna
Smoking kills, Terminator, you can call it Sarah Conner
Got you coughing, like you got a cold nigga

Fuck you doin? Blowin swishers

[Verse 2]
Man and I'm high as hell
Yeah my life is like a movie hope you got a still
I'm ill mufucka, I don't need a meal
But my pockets got the munchies and feed em well
Why your money lookin like it's on the diet pill?
I can eyeball that, I ain't gotta scale
Split it down, dump it nigga


[Verse 3]
And I'm tryna smoke with all of y'all
Rolling papers, man I feel like a ball hog
I can't pass that the way I hit
That's only one round, Mike Tyson
Ain't no papers in my house, I don't write shit
But your bitch is prolly here on a nightshift
Baby stop by the store, but I don't need liquor

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