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Kid Cudi - Sad People

Mm-mm, yeah

[Verse 1]
In the dead of the night, I have these dreams
What'll happen to me? Will I burn out?
Have I been wrong? What does it mean?
All these things, can't understand why
Say something's wrong with me, I know
By myself alone driving, I go
Full moon as it glows, I search for truth
Tryna be brand new, yeah, I will try
No, I won't do but through these screams
Fighting and bleed, blood in my eye
And I'll be (Another broken soul)
God save me (Yeah)

Yeah, baby, see I'm back in my zone
Just what I need, mama (Yeah)
Nigga been in hell, the same ol'
On a mission and I'm gonna fly high (High)
This for the sad pеople who keep the blunt burning and we
Off on a journеy, you learn me

On “Sad People,” Kid Cudi details the thoughts that plague him at night and his search for inner peace. He illustrates the extreme highs that he experiences, and how he often finds himself depressed afterward. Despite his sadness, he continues to push his limits, even when he knows it may not be the best for his mental health. On December 30, 2020, Cudi tweeted a video that showcased the song’s creation.

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