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Kid Cudi - Damaged


[Verse 1]
Hellish life, why? Do it live or not nigga, ride by
Fast track, see him in a high fly in line, no, niggas can't be him
And I'm wildin' 'cause I'm young, right, insane, on a trip in the meantime
And I'm tellin' baby, "Don't try, this is a trip that I gotta do alone," mm
Here we are, no shit, tell the boys we get ripped, rage on
This the cops worst problem, hanging all out my whip, yee-haw
This the bond with my fam, this is all of our fix, days long
Can't stop a nigga, no, bitch, nah
King Wizard, nah, you ain't hip, yeah (Yeah)
Hear they tryna stop me, hate on my growth (Yeah)
Cudder on a roll (Hey-hey), he won't slow (No)
You've seen the boy ragin' 'round, don't mean to be mean
But I'm on a high pеak level (Yes), Rolliе with no ice in the bezel, clean (Yeah)

How it goes when you're a damaged man
This is how it goes when you're a damaged man

[Verse 2]
Serving heat up meaner than your team's is out the gate (Yeah)
Oh man, yeah, I been struggling, dodging these niggas that love to go hate
Boom-boom, you can't overlook him, 'bout to go postal, tell me who relate
And then I'm lost in the freeway, buck ten, thinking 'bout the life I made, hey, hey (Ah)
Doomed since I left the womb, where I run to?
And it's like I'm in a battle, leakin' from a wound (Yeah)
Praise God, thank you, never left me on my own (No)
Shades locked over my eyes, my disguise is on (Gone)
Damn, he found it, that pure bliss, I'm wildin' (Wildin')
Tryna stay grounded, keep my niggas around me (Yeah)
Sometimes on my dolo
While I pull up a smooth toke, lift up pronto
I'm rubbin' on her body
With my eyes on the road, them toes, this hotty (Yeah)

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