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Kid Astray - Back to the Ordinary

[Verse 1]
Stand up
There's always someone dreaming of some unknown meaning to their every day
Or stay down
Afraid of losing sight of what you're all about and now you wish you never knew

Everybody's praying
Everybody's trying to get back to where they started
I can see that they're all about now
Everybody’s givin' in, tryin' to find a reason to get up in the morning
You're tryin' to make me

Change who I am
Like I don't care about it
Like I've got nothing to say at all
Change who I am
Back to the ordinary
Back to where I used to be before

[Verse 2]
Go back to all your insecurities and all that hopeless need for charity
Or aim high, there's nothing you can say to me despite your certainty
'Cause I have noticed that

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