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Khaki Cuffs - A Sad Song About a Girl I Barely Remember

[Verse 1]
Since you left, the spring hasn't felt as refreshing as it did
I can't hold down myself, much less a relationship
So did the ends justify the means when we had our ups and downs?
Or am I romanticizing broken hearts and forgiving empty sounds?

[Verse 2]
Every word I sang I meant in those records that you hated
Having to listen to 'cause you knew that my breath was never bated
And as you walked away from me, I noted every stride
As the distance between us grew and I died a little bit inside
Though the February sun still shines, the skies are as gray as they were
When I walked to class alone and passed by Purnell Hall
Are these words I mean or am I just blinded by the fact
That I feel my sense of self fading as these last years fade to black?

I won't indulge in toxic things, I'm not that person anymore
But what I wouldn't give for just one second of forgetting being yoursYou might also like

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