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Kenny Mason - SHELL

You give me hope, girl
You give me joy
Let me say something that you should know (COUPE)
Oh, baby
Oh, baby

[Verse 1]
They never showed me a Black god, only a trap god
Wanted some zapp, so after my last job I started to crack cards
I can adapt dawg, I can dodge an attack, I can attach parts
Good kid in the city but raised in the mad parts
My blood on the asphalt, my brother was half out
I told him what happened, he ready to crash out, my mama had passed out, yeah
Too woke to know what awake meant, I made it out of the basement
Too broke to know what a break meant, but not enough to do a break in
Still I don't take shit, 'cause sometimes it was nigga with glistening golds
That I seen out here kickin' in doors
That I seen out here risking they soul
Is it Earth or Hell? I can't tell
My niggas loadin' up K shells
Thinkin' of holdin' up a shell, I know that idea won't age well
Not good at acting my age well, from age twelve, up to grade twelve
Every reason to hate twelve, came apparent to me like a daycare
Bitch I'm original nine gang, you can tell by the nine chain
Who gon' be here when my mind change?
Who gon' be here when the time change?

You give me hope, girl
You give me joy
Let me say something that you should know, girl
Oh, baby
Oh, baby

[Verse 2]
They want me to pray to the most high, to me that's a crackhead
In the city with closed eyes, a city with no god, impending the nosedive
Spinnin' the block and spendin' a long time pretending I don't cry
I be tellin' a lie the day I tell you I don't lie
My mom on the phone line, remind me to tell you when I make it home now
I'm reachin' my goals now, the notes in my phone resemble a gold mine
I'm here on my own now, I thought a few G.O.A.T.s would reach out and show how
To maneuver the game, but it feel like they goal is keepin' us closed out
Keep it on me, for sure, it ain't for show, it show
It's gon' be the last shit you see before a side of me they never seen before
Keep the heat in the heat, the cold, the rain, the sleet, the snow
Delete a foe, impose defeat, and fold him, he never been on the street before
Chew before I swallow fruitful knowledge that I seek
Shooter by the car door, he like Cardo giving wings
Put that gun on you like barcodes if his car get low on cream
Nigga we all gon' go out one day make no difference if it's today
I know my dog is steppin' on shit, if he don't get caught he never gon' quit
I know that fire been wettin' up shit
Them boy won't try they catchin' on quick
Them hoes gon' slime they settin' up licks
I know they fine, they settin' up hits
I know my mind been settin' up tricks
I been practicing pushin' my brain
You start changin' the way that you look at shit, then the shit you start lookin' at change
Now you lookin' at change
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I'm forever original nine gang, you can tell by the nine chain
Who gon be here when the time change?
Who gon' be here when my mind change?

Oh, baby
Oh, baby

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