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Kenny Mason - HALOS

Yeah, ayy

Never feared a nigga that bleed like me
Or wondered if he liked me
Glad I don't think like you
I'm thinkin' 'bout how all these niggas trash and recycled, but brag
I show the difference when I stand beside 'em
Seem like I'm straight out the mud, I ain't eat like you
Cuttin' my sleep cycle 'cause niggas was sleep, but I ain't mad
Just don't bring your scary ass on my street with all that cap
'Cause you fuck around and get your ass beat, then I'ma laugh
Niggas only street in they tweets, I feel a draft
Bruh, I had to hit they ass with that heat
I grew up bad, had to last without my dad for some weeks
When he got stabbеd, had to scrub all the blood out the sink, beforе it scabbed, I—
Don't mind bein' a bad guy
If it come with a bad bitch, then that's fine
I mean, this shit can only come from my heart
But that don't mean a nigga not finna charge
They got me fucked up
Call a nigga, "Pup" 'cause it was rough where I live
You niggas more pussy than "Doves in the Wind"
They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care
So they think I'm dumb 'cause I don't give a fuck how they feel
R.I.P. my angels, all my idols got halos
The side I came on is the side I'ma stay on
If I'm caged up with a lion, that's who y'all need to pray for
Super guardian angel
Slurpin' all the alfredo

Big puppy "dogfather," finna cross out the Fredos'
Been recordin' nine hours, where in the fuck did my day go?
Ridin' 'round to that "They Know"
Watchin' all of my OGs
Try and find out what they know to acquire dinero
I'm tryna boss up like that
Nigga talk tough, get whacked
Bruh not slick, I don't give a fuck if he sick, better cough up that cash
Gotta watch what I'm turnin' to
Havin' thoughts about hurting you
Spent like two days convincin' my brudda 'nem not to murder you

I ain't gon' lie, that shit was crossin' my mind
He ain't really wanna swing, so I might let it slide
Lucky for you, I sympathize with feelin' that fire
Boy, you better thank God you alive
Praise the Lord, stupid ass boyYou might also like

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