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Kendrick Lamar - u

Loving you is complicated
Loving you is complicated
Loving you is complicated
Loving you is complicated
Loving you is complicated
Loving you is complicated
Loving you is complicated
Loving you is complicated

[Verse 1]
I place blame when you steal
Place shame when you steal
Feel like you ain't shit
Feel like you don't feel, confidence in yourself
Breakin' on marble floors
Watchin' anonymous strangers tellin' me that I'm yours
But you ain't shit I'm convinced your talent's nothin' special
What can I blame him for
God gave him several
Situation had stopped with your little sister bakin'
A baby inside, just a teenager wheres your patience
Whats your intentions where is the influence you speak of
You preached in front of 100,000 but never reached her
I fuckin' tell you, you fuckin' failure you ain't no leader
I never liked you, forever despise you I don't need you
The world don't need you, don't let them deceive you
Numbers lie too, fuck your pride too, thats for dedication
Thought money would change you, made you more complacent
I fuckin' hate you, I hope you embrace it


Lovin' you, lovin' you, not lovin' you, one hundred proof
I can feel you vibin', recognize that your ashamed of me
Yes I hate you too

House keeping
House keeping

[Verse 2]
Are you the reason why mama and them leavin'
No you ain't shit, you ay you love them, I know you don't mean it
I know you're irresponsible, selfish, in denial, can't help it
Your trials and tribulations a burden, everyone felt it
Everyone heard it, multiple shots, corners cryin' out
You was deserted, where was your antennas again?
Where was your presence, where was your support you pretend?You ain’t no brother, you ain’t no disciple, you ain’t no friend
A friend never leave Compton for profit or leave his best friend
Little brother, you promised you’d watch him before they shot him
Where was your antennas, on the road, bottles and bitches
You faced time the one time, thats unforgiven
You even faced time instead of a hospital visit
You thought he would recover well
The surgery couldn't stop the bleeding for real
Then he died, God himself will say "you fuckin' failed"
You ain't try
I know your secrets
Mood swings is frequent
I know depression is restin' on your heart for two reasons
I know you and a couple block boys ain't been speakin'
Y'all damn near beefin', I seen it and your the reason
And if this bottle could talk *gulp* I cry myself to sleep
Cause everything is your fault
[?] breakin' to pieces, earthquakes on every weekend
Because you shook as soon as you knew couldn't find what was needed
I know your secrets
Don't let me tell the world about that shit you thinkin'
And that time you *gulp* on the [?]
I'm fucked up, but I'm not as fucked up as you
You just can't feel right, I think your heart made of bullet proof
Shoulda killed yourself a long time ago
You shoulda filled that black revolver [?] long ago
And if those mirrors could talk it'd say "you gotta go"
And if I told your secrets
The world would know you can't stop a suicidal weakness

The sixth track on Lamar’s third album, “u” acts as a complete contrast to its lead single “i,” an anthem of peace, positivity, and prosperity starting with self-love. With more melancholic production than the funk-influenced “i,” Kendrick peers deep into the dark caverns of his heart to expose the negative thoughts that plague his mind, at point referring to himself as “a fucking failure”. In addition to breaking the track down with MTV, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Lamar said the following about the record: "That was one of the hardest songs I had to write. There are some very dark moments in there. All my insecurities and selfishness and let-downs. That shit is depressing as a motherfucker. But it helps, though. It helps." Anybody reading or listening who may be asking these questions of themselves, just remember: from “u,” you will eventually reach “i.” In The Oral History of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’, Kendrick’s engineer MixedByAli described the recording of the song: "[The] session for “U” was very uncomfortable. [Lamar] wrote it in the booth. The mic was on and I could hear him walking back and forth and having these super angry vocals. Then he’d start recording with the lights off and it was super emotional. I never asked what got into him that day." On New Year’s Eve 2015, T.D.E. posted a video on their Vimeo user called: “Kendrick Lamar – God Is Gangsta”. This video is a 2-part music video for “u” and “For Sale?”. T.D.E.’s verified Vimeo user was made specifically for this video. The video would later be posted on Youtube on January 13th of the next year. "u" contains additional vocals performed by Bilal, Jessica Vielmas and SZA.

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