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Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank)

[Produced by T-Minus]

Pour up (Drank), head shot (Drank)
Sit down (Drank), stand up (Drank)
Pass out (Drank), wake up (Drank)
Faded (Drank), faded (Drank)

[Verse 1]
Now I done grew up 'round some people livin' their life in bottles
Granddaddy had the golden flask
Backstroke every day in Chicago
Some people like the way it feels
Some people wanna kill their sorrows
Some people wanna fit in with the popular, that was my problem
I was in a dark room, loud tunes
Lookin' to make a vow soon
That I'ma get fucked up, fillin' up my cup I see the crowd mood
Changin' by the minute and the record on repeat
Took a sip, then another sip, then somebody said to me

Nigga, why you babysittin' only two or three shots?
I'ma show you how to turn it up a notch
First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it
Pool full of liquor, then you dive in it
I wave a few bottles, then I watch 'em all flock
All the girls wanna play Baywatch
I got a swimming pool full of liquor and they dive in it
Pool full of liquor, I'ma dive in it

"Swimming Pools (Drank)" is a song by American hip-hop recording artist Kendrick Lamar. It was released on July 31, 2012 as the lead single from his major-label debut studio album "good kid, m.A.A.d city" by Top Dawg, Aftermath and Interscope. The song was written by Lamar and Tyler "T-Minus" Williams, the latter of whom also produced the song. The song, mixed by Dr. Dre and Top Dawg's engineer Derek "MixedbyAli" Ali, propelled Lamar to mainstream popularity. The song peaked at number 17 on the US Billboard Hot 100, in its thirteenth week of charting, after gradually climbing up the chart. It debuted on the Hot 100 at number 100 and progressed from number 55 and 32 to its peak. "Swimming Pools (Drank)" also serves as Lamar's first entry on the UK Singles Chart, where it debuted at number 63. A music video was released to accompany the song in August 2012. It was featured in the 2014 re-release of the game Grand Theft Auto V on the radio station "Radio Los Santos" and a Season 10 episode of Grey's Anatomy which aired in 2013. On January 26, 2013, Lamar performed the song on Saturday Night Live, as well as his third single "Poetic Justice". The music video was nominated for Best Male Video and Best Hip-Hop Video at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The song was later nominated for Best Rap Performance at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. The song was also featured in Saints Row IV and a basic cable and satellite television networks, Disney Channel and Disney Channel Asia.

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