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Kelly Rowland - COFFEE

[Verse 1]
Coffee and sex in the mornin'
Breakfast in bed, got me moanin' (Moanin', oh ooh oh-oh)
Before you go to work
I need you to go to work
Pardon my sincerity (Sincerity)
You know I'm a rarity
My love be your therapy
All-around remedy
Baby, who instead of me?
These bitches will never be
Put it down like it's heavy, baby
Honeymoon that, wedding day that

I need that wake up (Wake up)
Soon as we wake up (Wake up)
Wish we could lay up (Get it, ooh)
Still stack our pay up
You running late but (Late but)
Need you to stay up (Stay up)
It's almost eight (Ayy)
No time to waste (No time, no time)
No time to waste

[Verse 2]
You know you got the best of me
I know you need the stress relief, babe
Before we both get dressed to leave
Want you to try this recipe, babe
I know we just woke up
I know you gotta go but
Breakfast isn't over
I see the way rose up, ha
They say morning wood do a body good, babe
Clearly you agreed, don't be tryna leave
Stay here with me
I'll put you right back to sleep
I'll get you right for the week
We can vacay in the sheets
Let you parlay in the pink, pink

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