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Kehlani - Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

[Verse 1: Kehlani]
You act like you need remindin'
Tryna do it over, bring it back and rewind it
But all that glitters isn't gold, I was blinded
Should have never gave you my heart on consignment

[Pre-Chorus: Kehlani]
And I can't believe the lies that I went for
Thought you was mine, but you decided to be with him though
You took my feelings and just threw 'em out the window
Feel like it's too hard to fall in love again, no

[Chorus: Kehlani]
On some nights like this, shawty, I can't help but think of us
I've been reminiscin', sippin', missin' ya
Can you tell me what's with all this distant love?
If I called, would you pick it up?
On some nights like this, I just wanna text you, but for what?
You gon' say you want me, then go switch it up
Just gon' play with my emotions just because, no (Oh)

[Verse 2: Kehlani]
All them times I played the fool for you
Thinkin' we could put it back together, thought we had forever
You never see my point of view
Our connection is so severed, you don't show no effort

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