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Kanye West - Devil In A New Dress

[Kanye West]
I love it though
I love it though

Uh put your hands to the constellations
They way you look should be a sin, you my sensation
I know I'm preaching to the congregation
We love Jesus but she done learned a lot from Satan

I mean a n-gga did a lot of waiting
We aint married but tonight I need some consummation

[Kanye West - Verse 1]
May the Lord forgive us
May the God's be with us
And that magic hour I seen good christians make rrash decisions
Oh she do it, what happened to Religion?
Oh she lose it
She putting on her make up
She casually allure
Text message break up, the casualty of tour
How she gone wake up and not love me no more
I thought I was the ass hole, I guess it's rubbing off
Hood phenomenom the Lebron of rhyme
Hard to be humble when you stuntin on a jumbotron
I'm looking at her like "this what you really want it, huh?"
What we argue anyway, oh I forgot it's summertime


(Satan, satan)

[Kanye West - Verse 2]
When the sun go down it's the magic hour
The magic hour
And outta all the colours that are still up the skies
You got green on your mind
I can see it in your eyes
Why you standing there with your face screwed up
Don't leave while your hot that's how Mase screwed up
Throwing sh-t around I hope place screwed up
Maybe I should call Mase so that he could pray for us
Or hit the Jamaica spot at the bar, take a seat
I ordered your jerk she said you are what you eat
You see I always loved your sense of humour
But tonight you should have seen how quiet the room was
The Lyor Cohen or Dior Homme that's Dior Homme not Dior homie
The crib scarface couldn't be more Tony
You love me for me could you be more phoney

Uh put your hands to the constellations
They way you look should be a sin, you my sensation
Haven't said a word, haven't said a word
To me this evening
Cat got your tongue?

“Devil In a New Dress” finds Kanye using familiar religious imagery in contemplating all kinds of nasty thoughts about his girl. It’s perhaps an ode to Amber Rose, Kanye’s (now ex-) girlfriend and muse, whose figure could have only been forged in the Depths of Hell by The Evil One (in a good way…) “Devil in a New Dress” was initially released as a solo version on September 3, 2010, and was the fourth release in Kanye’s weekly GOOD Friday series. The title, of course, is a pun on the famous Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels song “Devil with a Blue Dress On,” as well as being a reference to the 1990 Walter Mosley book Devil in a Blue Dress, which was adapted into a 1995 film starring Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle. Fresh off of the success of his "Teflon Don" album, Miami rapper Rick Ross spits what is often regarded as one of the finest verses of his career, but it was not the first verse he wrote for the track: When I recorded that verse for the first time, [Kanye] came in, heard it, he told me he thought I could do better. And he walked out. And then I wrote another one, and the second verse I wrote is the one you hear on the album. Bink! said the following about the production of the track: "Kanye sent me out to Hawaii to work with him and I was actually just holding my laptop and it [the beat] came on in my iTunes. He heard it through my laptop speakers and he was immediately intrigued; I wasn’t even gonna play it for him. He overheard it and asked, “What’s that?” ‘It’s another joint I got’ and he was like, “Bounce that down let me hit that.” So he hopped right in the booth and the first thing he said was “I love it though" and the first line he came up with was, “She love Jesus but she learned a lot from Satan.” They didn’t call it “Devil In A New Dress"—at the time they called it something else. It was called "Magic Hour.” So when “Devil In A New Dress” came out, I didn’t know anything about that." Bink! sampled Smokey Robinson’s “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?” and patched together the section at the 3:52 mark with the section at the 2:06 mark to create one seamless track. "I got a call, they wanted me to be a part of that record. It was actually the last day before Kanye had to turn the record in, and I think that pressure just made it that much more special to me. So I just sat there, approached the record openly and as straightforward as I could. When I laid the verse, 30 minutes later, I was extremely happy. I sent it to him, and he was too. I think it was one of the dopest verses I did this year." - Rick Ross via MTV “Devil in a New Dress” was certified platinum by the RIAA on September 1, 2021.

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