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KanKan - Walked In

(I miss you, Angel)

Walked in with Margiela on, I'm a big stepper
Thousand dollar Louis bag, Moncler came with leather
Walk up out of BOA, I'm best friends with the teller
Chrome Hearts with Rick Owens, nigga, you can't do no better
BO claims just hit, nigga in love with the cheddar
Three racks just on kicks, nigga, I don't know no better
I just fucked that nigga bitch, yeah, he should do better
José, he just scored on a pint
Yeah my nigga finna pour a line
You just cuffed that bitch, boy, you insane
We shop in store, we don't stand in line
All this gas goin' to my brain
You ain't got racks, lil' nigga, stop lyin'You might also like