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KanKan - Under Me

(That boy JDolla go crazy)
(Pluto got it knockin') Yeah

That nigga said he slidin', he still got touched
I keep the racks in a band, nigga, addin' it up, yeah
Just do the math, got these lil' niggas mad as fuck, ayy
We do the braggin', these niggas, they sharin' a cup, ayy
These niggas broke than a bitch and they sharin' a line
Yeah, and I buy anything in the store, nigga, don't wait in line
Nigga ain't cuffin' these hoes, these hoes, they always lyin', yeah
What I spent on codeine, nigga, could've bought your lil' Nissan
Yeah, uh, boy, better stop that flexin'
Yeah, we really keep Dracos, I'm in thе O with some felons
Yeah, thеse niggas better lay low, I heard they doin' that tellin' (Uh-uh)
My nigga got all the bowls, he finna pack it and mail it (Uh-uh)
Yeah, he ain't even talkin' 'bout money, these lil' niggas be runnin', ha
I been that nigga all summer, yeah, nigga, this bitch wan' fuck me, yeah
Nigga, this ho wanna suck me, yeah, and I got that lil' ho cummin', yeah
This his ho, she want me, this his ho, she on me, yeah
(This his ho, she on me)
(You ain't even gettin' no money, yeah)
Brand new Prada bag, bitch, I get to the cash
These lil' niggas in last, these lil' niggas be ass
Nigga, my ho be way too bad, might buy that ho a bag
Now that ass already fat so she don't need no ass
I'm on codeine in the nosebleeds
I get high as God, uh, nigga, I can't see
Ain't ever care about this rap shit, nigga, this don't mean nothin' to me
I got racks, this shit be easy, these niggas still under me, yeah
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(Pluto got it knockin')