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KanKan - Russian Shit

(Damn skeeo, you too shiesty)
(Hahaha, skeeo, you crazy)
This a Redeye, broke ass nigga what you ridin' in?
Bad bitch wanna fuck and bring her best friend, yeah
Ha, yeah, bad bitch wanna fuck and bring her mm-mm
Yeah, bring her best friend
Welcome to the dead-end, yeah, huh

[Verse 1]
This a Hellcat broke ass nigga, what ya' ridin' in? (What ya' ridin' in?)
Poppin' bodies nigga, we don't do no textin' (We don't do—)
She wan' fuck the whole gang, told her bring her best friend (Bring yo best friend)
Know we step on shit lil' nigga, so stop that flexin' (So stop that flexin')
Off the Perc', it's not no Molly, I got Oxy in my body (Mm-mm)
Shoot that Draco, you can't stop it, full of drugs, you know we wylin' (Uh-uh)
Nigga, who gon' tell me stop it? Modded stick and it got bodies (Yeah, yeah)
Poppin' Xan's just like some Molly, just waitin' for that bitch to try me
[Verse 2]
Talkin' crazy, bag on top his head
Bitch, I'm trippin', I forgot my meds (I forgot my meds)
I forgot this shit, yeah, off the head
My bitch slimy, nigga, code red (Nigga, code red)
And when I slide you know I keep a Drac' (Ha)
Just 'cause ain't nobody safe
Know we put them guns to face
I'm like, "Who gon' die today?"
He wan' play then go head, dig his grave
Bitch, I'm in the north, right where my granny stay (Where my granny stay)
Nigga saw me, catchin' him on that interstate (On that interstate)
On that Russian shit, behead the bitch, then take his face (Then take his face)
Bitch, we on that demon shit (On that)

[Verse 3]
On the X, they know I'm leanin'
All my niggas up, we up to no good, know we schemin' (Uh, uh-uh)
Yeah, cut us down, we gon' cut 'em down, yeah
We gon' chop him down, we gonna
Yeah, hold on (Yeah)
In that Redeye, came through swervin'
That murder shit be urgent (Be urgent)
If it's about that bag, nigga, then I come through early (Come through early)
If it's about that bag, nigga, just know I come through swervin' (Come through swervin')
Come through urgent, yeah, hold on (Huh)
Bro, he leanin', think he off a Xan or some' (Off the 'an or some')
This a deuce right here, right in my Fanta, huh (Right in my Fanta, huh)
I got triple hoes (Uh) just like I'm Santa, huh (Santa, huh)
Yeah, yeah, I got hella poles just 'cause they sayin' some' ('Cause they sayin' some')
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Yeah, yeah, I got hella hoes just cause they saying some'
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, I got triple hoes just like I'm Santa, huh
Yeah, yeah, I got, yeah, double R, nigga
Nigga, uh-huh, ha