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KanKan - Nun To Me 2

Uh, uh, uh
Yeah, uh-huh (Ayo, that's nickk)
Uh, nigga just like
Just like, uh-huh
Don't get knocked down

Yeah, FN on me, lil' nigga, just don't get knocked down
And when we riding 'round, we keep Glocks out
Yeah, damn, you niggas still spin it even though the cops out
When the lights off, don't get caught out
Done with your ho, he pop out
Yeah, all of my niggas get to it
Yeah, bad bitch, she lovin' my music
Nigga ain't cuffin' no groupies
We get that money, run through it
Fuck all these hoes, ran through 'em
Fuck all that money, been blew it
Sip codeine while I make music
Fucked that lil' ho, then she blew it
New G-19 with a beam on it
And I'm full of pills, codeine on me
In the Hills with that green on me
Try to run down, put that beam on you
In the E-Class, ridin' three deep
These niggas wanna be me
Mama like, "Stop that damn lean"
She like, "Why you sipping codeine?"
With a bad ho in a four seat
Ridin' in E-Class
Yeah, my bitch too bad
That boy broke, like too bad
In the SRT, no Scat Pack
That boy broke, he too mad
And I damn near crashed 'cause that shit too fast
If I drop that bag, they gon' kill his ass, yeah
Don't beef on the internet, nah, we not into that, yeah
I know why they mad, I spend it, then get it back, yeah
I say, "Free lil' Will", lil' ho, they still ain't spin back
Yeah, nigga on codeine, know I spin back
Ha, ha, that boy whole invest, you know I spent that
Yeah, we on codeine
These niggas don't know me
I put her on Oxy' if she think she know me, yeah
Yeah, uh, think she know me
Uh, yeah, uh, they think they, yeah
Ha, yeah, if she think she know me
She think she know me, uh, yeah, uh, uhYou might also like