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KanKan - Kite

Nigga I lost my voice in this bitch
Nigga I'm still in this ho sipping on codeine
Nigga off that Wock' right now
Nigga my bitch sipping on Quagen
Nigga know we got them Oxys in this ho too
Yeah, ha, yeah, yeah, uh, huh
(Pluto got it knocking nigga)

Niggas plotting, they want me dead
Niggas they want me gone
Styrofoam filled with the meds
Oxycontin help me cope
I get high I float
I get high like a kite
That boy he talk on the 'net
Whole gang, they went and slide
Caught that lil' boy by surprise, ayy
And I'm in the H kickin' shit nigga, yeah in a high-rise
That nigga broke than a ho
He ain't getting money, that nigga lied
He got hit with the K, hell nah he ain't even survive, yeah
Niggas plotting, they want me dead, lil' nigga I know it
Yeah, nigga just scored on the six of that red, finna pour it
Yeah, his ho hit my phone, I'm finna ignore it
'Cause these hoes annoying, I'm just being honest
Yeah, shoot shit, we come through
We in the AMG droptop, nigga got Dracos hangin' out the roof
Nigga come get your ho, this ho, she almost spilled my juice, ha, ayy
I'm finna replace her, new ho don't need no makeupYou might also like