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KanKan - Arcteryx

(Oh shit, is that Filip?)
(Mingo, haha)

FN leave his face gone, ha
If it ain't safe outside, he better stay home, ha
Nigga, that's how you die, we keep them Dracs on us
Yeah, and we make your bitch sing just like Trey Songz, ha, uh, yeah
Nigga, my jacket Arcteryx, ha, yeah
I say free lil' Will and lil' Top out that parish, yeah
Talk down on the gang bitch, yeah, that's how you perish
Yeah, uh, ayy, I'm with a fly ass bitch
Me and my jeans Rick Owens and I just Prada-ed my bitch
And I just popped me an Oxy', yeah, now the whole gang lit
And I just popped me a Roxi', yeah, now the whole day lit
We got sticks insidе the Bentley, yеah, the windows tinted, yeah
We got FN's with the scopes, so you know we ain't missing
Yeah, his ho, she a goat with the throat, no kizzy, yeah