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Kaash Paige - Grammy Week

[Intro: Kaash Paige]
Yo how does it feel? Super star champ
Man it's the big day today, it’s GRAMMY week, I know you ready for this shit bro, we been waiting all our lives for this
Congratulations bro, this shit’s crazy

[Chorus: Don Toliver]
Successful, successful
Successful, successful

[Verse 1: Don Toliver]
I just wanna be successful
Bent it around the corner on my ex ho
I got Toronto things just like it’s XO
I can hear them screamin' at my next show
[Chorus: Don Toliver & Kaash Paige]
Successful, successful
Successful, successful
Successful, successful

[Verse 2: Kaash Paige]
I just wanna be successful
Pull up in a new Bentley truck, my neck froze
VVS and it’s rose gold
Want the money, cars, clothes, and a hoe
Flashing lights (Flashing lights), flashing lights (Flashing lights)
Oh, it's GRAMMY week, I hope my fit is tight (Fit is tight)
Oh, that speech I never write (never write)
I just keep loaded and I speak straight from my mind
Straight from my mind (Out of my mind, out of my mind)
I’m out of time (Out of time, out of time)
Yeah, I’m ready to live this life
On my grind (I'm out of my mind)

[Chorus: Don Toliver & Kaash Paige]
Successful, successful, successful
Successful, successful
Na-na-na-na-na-oohYou might also like

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