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Ka - Full Cobra

Good morning
I can't hear you, good morning!
Good morning!

[Verse 1]
I speak some triumphs, some mistakes
From a place where they hug the snub, ’cause none embrace
Carrying a lot of winter baggage will catch a summer case
Want yams to cook, can't be shook and cure the hunger shakes
Thought we gained selling 'caine, all we did was run in place
Just treat us fairly if any who hear me [?] jakes
They’d rain praises with same phrases and younger face
I do this quaint rap, true, it ain't trap, I brung escapes
I valuе that's less valued, whatevеr come in haste
Some watch me, stress the text and copy, some will paste
[?] to rigs over give whatever he undertakes
Fuego, better first save your abuelo, wanna race
Got the hood on my back, full cobra, full cobra

[Verse 2]
Prolly can tell, this body's a shell, not my true form
No need to be rude, if it don't move you, just move on
I know fletchers need chasers, it's basically too strong
At every level, everytime I had to pedal, I grew thorn
I'm shocked, I dare to say, every day I see a new dawn
Was grim, twenty on the twin, ten on a futon
Back when couldn't get it if it didn’t have a coupon
Was always viewing my dues if I had a suit on

Got the hood on my back, full cobra, full cobra

[Verse 3]
Remember as a teen, I’d get a piece, fiend to use it
Not try to hide it from myself, 'cause with ease, could lose it
Just telling my story, glad it’s received as music
It's a lotta wounds in these tombs, please excuse it
Ain't hard to show the scars if I need to prove it
But, what I post in the journal, most of the [?] we eluded
Call the spades, if they had their ways, we'd be neutered
All these displays of hate ain’t new, just deeply rooted
Every time we grow, they chopping us down
Wouldn't have as many plots in the ground if this were popular sound
Like cross-dressers be, it ain't G, stopping the clown
One advocated, said we all graduated, rocking a gown
I'm proof, can't be the truth, never did no honest deeds
Indeed [?] body, probably would've caused pleas
Here's information clear your information, it got disease
I'm Aristotle's Plato, Plato's Socrates
I'm Aristotle's Plato, Plato's Socrates
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Got the hood on my back, full cobra, full cobra
Got the hood on my back, full cobra, full cobra

Facts are full of pack of wolves who pull the wool over
Kaa, it's you!
Full cobra, full cobra, full cobra
Got the hood on my back

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