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KOTA The Friend - Pomegranate

I'm on a balcony readin' a novel
I take the best advice from both the Quran and the Bible
My wife bad, more beautiful than your favorite model
Don't believe in idols, I think you find the answers inside you
I used to think the biggest thing in life was getting money
Rumble in my tummy, I guess that's how it seem when you hungry
And when it's no AC in summer or heat in the winter
Thinking 'bout that walk to the shower, I wasn't tryna get up
You take for granted certain shit
Like never worryin' if she fuck with you 'cause you rich
Or friends feelin' like they deservin' of what you get
And tryna bring you down, that dollar make people flip, like
Quarters, I be caught up and stressin' over this chip, like
Drownin' in depression, the women, liquor, it's lit, right?
BnB's way up in the hills out in Malibu
Pomegranates growin' in the bushes, feeling gratitude
Shawty tryna fuck with me but I just keep it casual
Breakin' all the rules, let her stay until the afternoon
It get lonely, I be knowin' she phony
Thinkin' back to all of the women that really chose me
And all the times that I was the villain and she consoled me
And told me I was gonna be great, boy, am I late
I peep the calendar, like, "How often can I escape?"
I take a breath, acceptin' what's seemin' to be my fate
And then I travel back to the Converses and dungarees
When we ain't have the water or sunlight to care for money trees
When everything you wanted, you get it, then all you want is peace
And that comes with a whole different struggle, homie, ain't nothin' free

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