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KOTA The Friend - Alkaline

[Verse 1]
Lately I just say I'm outta town
'Cause I don't really care to be around
I been making up for my mistakes
I've been through a lot, I need a break
More life, never call
Wrong place at the wrong time
I ain't had no chicken in a long time
I ain't seen my youngin' in a fortnight
Got a demon triggering the porch light, oh nah
Stay alone 'cause a lot of y'all the faux kind
I don't trust you if you tell me that you don't lie
Asking how I'm doing, yeah, I'm doing fine
Don't you know the foolish always grow wise?
Cape Town with the kinfolk, we don't play around
Grandma was on the slave ship but we home now
Mama do not work the grave shift, she in Rome now
USA be on that bullshit, better go now
Ayy, homie, why you stressing, we got one foot in the grave
Brother get your money, get yo' ass up on the plane
Why you with this woman if you know she playing games?
Why you with this nigga if he treat you like you lame?

Let it go, you ain't gotta hold on no more
If you got a good thing, go for it
We ain't with the bad things no more
Yo, you gotta let go, let go
You ain't gotta hold on no more
If you got a good thing, go for it
We ain't with the bad things no more
[Verse 2]
They be saying Karma is a bitch, huh?
But I don't let them talk about my friends, nah
You was taking people from their kids
Now you bitter 'cause I'm chillin' with my kin now, wow
I don't eat if I didn't pull it from the ground
Gotta a lot of love so I give it to the crowd
Man, I swear my great-great Grandma would be proud
We ain't pickin' cotton, I'm the nigga with the crown

"Thank you very much, its uh, privilege and a honor to be a in the white intellectual ghetto of the West"

[Verse 3]
In the car, in LA on the 99
Sunrise, red sky, ambiance
Bad days, rear view, and they stay behind
PH 'round 9, livin' alkaline
Black boy, you could be what you want to be
You the one that carry that baton when they come for me
Came from, the concrete that's a fizzy fact
Came up, clear streams in the grizzy grass

Keepin' it honest
They try to kill you, I promise
They do it all for the commas
I stay alive for my children, I don't be trustin' they doctors
Politicians is phony, they be villians, imposters
They gonna tell you its gold, but show it really be copper
And they don't want you tappin' into all that spirit inside us
They want you chasin' the carrot
Want you fiendin for Pradas
They want you sick til you vomit
'Cause you no use when you conscious

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