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K.A.A.N. - Kaancepts 2

- Who the hell are you?
- A remnant of the time long passed. Genetically engineered to be superior so as to lead others to peace in a world at war. We were condemned as criminals forced into exile. For centuries we slept, hoping when we awoke things would be different. My name, is Khan
(Yeah, yeah, yeah!)

They call me, Marcus Aurelius Garvey
You wanna act was a way to assimilate
Imma disseminate every single intention you put in the verse
And the word for the flow and the form is definitive
Adoration what the fuck do you mean
A beautiful mind
And I am the product of Malcolm and Martin's collaborative dream
Perpetual king
So within the time that we living I'm giving you lyrics I deem
A cynical scene
You niggas are working for cream
I pick up the pen and I scheme
The biggest of critics are quicker to pick it apart
Defining the men and and they’re painting the part
Supplying a rhythm and calling it art
Committed a murder the verdict is dark
I start by giving you emphasis
Guaranteed you'll remember this
Memorizing the cadence I penetrate with comrodery
Constantly contemplating my theories of physiology
Follow me as I estimate
Humorously I escalate
Then execute astutely with a fuse
I pray that you never confuse it
Making it for your amusement
To realize they giving ridiculous lines
I'm speaking the truth
Presented to you
I said that we keeping it cool
This niggas' refusing to lose
I give an opinion depicting a radical view
I choose to be insane and my brain is an algorithm
An astronomical fortress conversing but not conforming
Cause' cowards cower for hours devoured by this performance
You dormant and I'm euphoric you given rhythm enforce it
The source of the simultaneous infiltrate with endorphins
My style Is highly choleric, the status quo was the flow
I defeated them with tenacity
My vocabulary is at a maximum capacity
General relativity
Revolutionizing the way you understanding gravity
A wrapping of the fabric of space and time I'm Einstein
Giving the people the formula
The dopest of niggas' is warning ya
I said that I'm focused you better believe it
The way that I'm rhyming and barely breathing
I'm minding my business, I murdered the beat
And the point that I'm working to make
Is the people debating I guarantee I'mma create
The sickest of sentences you can relate
And I would not do with the hidden I'm great
So I never resting control of my fate
They telling you everything that you wanted to hear whenever they right in your face
The second you turn, the quicker they burn
And I've been awake cause I already learned
I'm taking my time, perfecting the craft
And getting my way to give you the wrath
Of K.A.A.N ; is the consequence all of your lyrics contradict
They lack the certain presence and effervescence of prominence
The K is for the knowledge that I am constantly seeking
The A's are put in the middle as I'm attempting to allocate
The N is for the nonsense that the public will entertain
As I explain my names an acronym
Lyrical acrobatics
Knowledge Above All Nonsense
Can you imagine that ?
I'm moving the hustle and busting my ass
While giving the rhythm, you live in the past
The part of the pen and the pain that I book
A piece of the pie for the people to eat
We giving a beautiful feast
A literal beast
Until every daughters obese
Food for the minds of the foolish many a minuscule men try to suppress what I attest with a pen
When will it end ?
My lines are actually accurate never asinine
Put iodines inside my apparatus
I'm extracting the sweetest scent of malevolence
Necessary for relevance
An innovative poet asphyxiated his relative
Sedatives in my system while singin' swingin' a razor blade
Sad to say that I'm somber so someone tell me to save the date
The synthesizer sounds so similar to a symphony
Orchestrated a cape, strangulate you with a vapor
I, said I'm giving you elegance
But never defining the elements
I'm tellin' a story informative tale
A way for the people to really prevail
The problem is all the irrelevant rap
Like you biting everything you was sold
I'm wondering sitting inside of my room
And I pray for my soul to prepare for the doom
Assume that I would glorify violence and plenty ignorance
Subliminal messages inside of all of the images
I'm a reclusive author that's very strict with tradition
I'm speaking of isolation while giving you my rendition
Was ridiculed as a child and my pain I put in a chalice
Was silenced, the flow dyslexic and very mentally challenged
Allowing these mother fuckers to degrade me with degrees
But my decree is I can see that I'll probably never be free
I'm afflicted by insecurities
Currently contemplating
I've cultivated catastrophes by living alone and being oppressed
But then created a masterpiece
Exactly, I'm actually asking for attrition effectively you're submissive
Deficiencies in your vision, your mind inside of a prison
Prolific whenever spittin', accelerated the rhythm
I've written, formin' the similes so my signature resonates
Assembling a pseudonym, reprimanding a saboteur
Salivating for sabotage, get it since it is sinister
Delivering this dope to the pope and the poor minister
Principles in the precipice people pushing the passion
Perplexing the other purpose so pardon passive aggression
Premeditated predition, the pummel punisher punding
My punches harder than pumice
I contradict with some politicians and statisticians
A prescription that came from two physicians
Playing my position in my mind
I seem to find a paradise inside the prophecy
The paradigm particular policy of your piracy
Depositing the power to possibly be considered great
Disintegrate then dissipate
We gotta keep it honest, I can't deceive when I initiate
Tryin' to enter the fortress by formulating the gorges they forgin'
Forcin' the source in the hopes of finding a fortune
I've written this rigor mortis
You mortified and I'm morphin'
Absorbing the smorgasbord for the sport
The sword with a connaisseur
A commodore accommodating
Reconnaissance complicating
The case of the kid that was killing them with calligraphy
A legendary figure resemblance of a relic
I'm doing the most and I'm setting the pace
A picture painted by a person in pain
We keeping it real and you never can take
But there is a move in your hatred
Never complacent
Flow is adjacent
Showing you everything that I'm facing
What am I making
Never mistaking
Some of the illest of lyrics in ages
Suffocate like corsets, can't control when I torch it
Of course it was of importance, I point it out and I pour it
Deplorable as an asterisk, concentrate with consortists
Exuding the excellence of an existential extortionist
I pray that you enjoy what I created for you
And this concludes the feature presentation Kaancepts 2
I'm through
And ORBT too, don't forget thatYou might also like

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