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June Christy - The Merriest

Merry Christmas!

I'd like to fix this bag of tricks
And hand it out with a fleeting greeting:

Smiles for the frowners
Salutes to the uppers
Boosts for the downers
May the day be the bowl of cherriest
And to all, the Merriest!

Hope you swing during the season
Hope the days go great
Hope you find plenty of reasons the whole year long to celebrate

Sun for the mopers
A laugh for the criers
Luck for the hopers
To the strange and the ordinariest
Me to you, the Merriest!

Thoughts for the musers
A cheer for the winners
Breaks for the losers
To the beats and the debonariest
Greetings like the Merriest!

Hipster Christmas wishes featuring two Stan Kenton alumni, June Christy and Pete Rugulo (conducting). From Christy's 1961 LP "This Time Of Year".

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