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Jude Sb - Painful Pleasure

It all begun like fun, drinking on our own
Next thing I know, you're sitting in my lap
Watching stars
Saying words of love, fireworks all above

In the rooftop she sways
With drunken humour she said "I want to take you home"
I had to drive you home on a rainy night
Honey, now I'm alone
In the end I'm the star
That shines below your eyes

Dusty corridors on our empty house
Nasty wounds that won't heal, you let the darkness inside
Of your heart
I walked a thousand miles, just to die in your arms

I used to cry of joy, now I sigh of pain
When I hear your name
In your ocean I drown, and I love you the same
I should feel no shame

Now we both are the stars
That shine below
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