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Jon Bellion - Luxury

[Verse 1: Jon Bellion]
Could you lay with me
Underneath the stars, just conversate with me?
My plane is boarding soon and it's so plain to see
That one could lose his way
So could you pray with me?
That I don't lose my soul in the luxury

[Pre-Chorus: Jon Bellion]
Money the jealous type, I always knew it
I knew she'd come around if I only sweat the music
But I'm starting to believe that it's a problem to my health
Cause the size of half these checks
Could make me vomit on myself
But I give it up to heaven cause it isn't Jon
The chorus an instrumental, oh you think it's odd?
I don't have to give you lyrics cause I know it's God
That's why I get emotional when the chorus drops

[Instrumental Chorus]

[Verse 2: Jon Bellion]
We're not sad at all
We know you have to leave and we're not mad at all
You'll be back in town and we'll play basketball
And if you fall off track, we'll be your Adderall
We won't let your soul drown in luxury

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