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Johnny Flynn - The Wrote & The Writ

[Verse 1]
They're taking pictures of the man from God
I hope his cassock's clean
The burden of being a holy fella's
Your halo'd better gleam, better gleam

[Chorus 1]
What of all those wayward priests?
The ones who like to drink
Do you suppose they'd swap their blood for wine
Like you swapped yours for ink, for ink

[Verse 2]
You wrote me oh-so-many letters
And all of them seemed true
Promises look good on paper
Especially from you, from you

[Chorus 2]
The weight of all those willing words
I carried all alone
You wouldn't put your pen to bed
When we hadn't found our own, our own

[Verse 3]
Your sentences rose high at night
And circled round my head
The circle's since been broken
Like the priest before me is breaking bread

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