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John Craigie - Highway Blood

I hate the morning for every possible reason
Except for the chance I get to try again
They might say I was betrayed by the kindest season
Oh but autumn, I don’t believe a word they’ve said

Find me, find me, oh I’ve been staring at the stars
Not trying to name ‘em, not trying to blame ‘em
Ain’t got no judgment anymore

When I bleed, I bleed on this highway
So darling, you will know that I’ve been here
And you can plainly see how I survived
So you shouldn’t have any fear

It’s my blood, it’s the same blood that I spilled for you
Don’t deny it, it comes from the inside, and the inside always tells the truth

I’ve been smoking with my boyfriend, we’ve been talking bout his girlfriend
We’ve been saying, love is always touch and go
I tell him I miss you, like a little fire
Misses warming someone as it tries to grow

One more time, one more time, rub your face against my face
Mix our tears, let ‘em smear, one last honest exchange