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Jid - Workin Out

Take your heart, don't let me break it in two
I'm sure that I could possibly do nothin' for you
I'm nearly on the edge, I'm 'bout to jump in a few
I'm really not afraid of nothin'

[Verse 1]
Look, on everything
I gave everything and got nothing back
Ain't looking for no pat on backs
That ain't how we got where the fuck we at
Mama called, "Where the fuck you at?"
"On the road, and I ain't coming back
Until my hundred stacks make a hundred racks
And that hundred racks bring a bundle back"
I was blowin' gas like the Honey Badger
J.I.D, bitch, the money snatcher
C'est la vie, shit, I'm coming after everybody
Don't get the bloody splatter
I'm fly and I got my niggas fly too
Shit is like buddy passes
I wanna cry 'cause I'm numb inside (Ugh)
If you wonder why, ask, "What's the matter?" (Yeah)

'Cause I been working hella hard, shit ain't really working out
I been praying to the Lord, shit ain't really working out
I been looking to the stars, keep my head up in the clouds
Shit ain't really working out, shit ain't really working out
Shit ain't really working out

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