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Okay, I told motherfuckers I was sick as a bitch
The dopest dope you smoke, gon' get you a whiff
Watch how these niggas flip the script with the flick of they wrist
Southern lyricists don't exist like my flow is a myth

[Verse 1]
Get my girl angry and pissed and give that pussy a kiss
Pushing the same piece of shit until I get me a Bentley
Same niggas, same goals, same dreams and epiphanies
Me and my niggas are same lines as symmetry, wasn't empathy
Remember we would front yard brawl with big Timothy?
Kicked them doors because we had a lot of energy
My brother was locked up for shooting at the enemy
Caught one nigga then caught fifteen
I ain't meet that nigga 'til I was fifteen
Now I'm kicking 16's with a big screen in attempt to get the big cream
Little guy with a big dream, I need guidance
'Cause if I don't succeed, I probably proceed violence
Sippin' on the brown, no Bobby, I don't fuck with nobody
No team and no posse, you can catch it like Shockey
King of all kings, praise Haile Selassie
Rastafari, I don't need nobody, the God's got me

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