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Jay-Z - Streets Is Watching

[Produced by Ski Beatz]

Uh-huh uh huh uh, gee-gee-geyeah
Peeping, watching, streets
You boys are soft like bread
Uh-huh uh huh uh, live from Brooklyn
Uh-huh uh, the streets is watching
Check it, check, uh-huh uh, check

[Verse 1]
Look, if I shoot you, I'm brainless
But if you shoot me, then you're famous, what's a nigga to do?
When the, streets is watching, blocks keep clocking
Waiting for you to break, make your first mistake
Can't ignore it, that's the fastest way to get extorted
But my time is money, and twenty-five, I can't afford it
Beef assorted like Godiva chocolates
Niggas you bought it, I pull the slide back and cock it
Plan aborted, you and your mans get a pass
This rhyme, you're operating on bitch time
Y'all niggas ain't worth my shells, all y'all niggas tryna do
Is hurt my sales, and stop trips to John Meneilly
The type to start a beef then run to the cops
When I see you in the street got one in the drop
When I'd rather be on tour getting a hundred a pop
Taking pictures with some bitches in front of the drop
The streets is watching