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Jay-Z - Change Clothes

[Intro: Jay-Z (Pharrell)]
Wooo! Uh, uh, bounce is back
Uhh, uh-uh uh uh, geyeah, uh, your boy is back
(Sexy, sexy) I know y'all missed the bounce
You need to bounce for the sexy, y'know?
Hah, haha, uh, let's get it in

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
Yeah ma, your dude is back, the Maybach Coupe is back
Tell the whole world the truth is back
You ain't gotta argue about who can rap
'Cause the proof is back, just go through my raps
(New York, New York!) Yeah, where my troopers at?
Where my hustlers, where my boosters at?
I don't care what you do for stacks
I know the world glued your back to the wall
You gotta brawl, do that
I been through that, been shot at, shoot back
Gotta keep a peace like a Buddhist
I ain't a New Jack; nobody gon' Wesley Snipe me
It's less than likely, move back
Let I breathe, Jedi Knight
The more space I get the better I write
Oh, never I write, but if, ever I write
I need the space to say whatever I like, now just