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Jay Rock - Vice City (feat. Black Hippy)

[Produced by Cardo & Yung Exclusive]

[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar]
Big money, big booty bitches
Man, that shit gon' be death of me
Big problems, I must admit it
Man, that shit gon' be death of me
I pray to a C-Note, my mama gave up hope
I can't stand myself
I just bought a new coat, I might go broke
I can't stand myself
Big money, big booty bitches
Man, that shit...

[Pre-Verse: Kendrick Lamar]
Turn me up
Sin City, Sin City
Sin City, Sin City

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Big money, big booty bitches
Tell the truth, nigga, I'm lost without it
7 figures for a headline
You want some stage time? We can talk about it
Niggas actin' like they be rappin'
Like nice on the mic, truly doubt it
Go against the kid, y'all don't wanna live
That decision is hella childish
Rose gold for my old hoes
They ain't satisfied then I sit 'em down
10th grade, I gave her all shade
But now she got some ass, I wan' hit it now
I don't lease, I just all out feast
I put a blue Caprice on Gary Coleman
Bomb head and some cheese eggs
That's a new raise and a signing bonus

“Vice City” is the eighth track on Jay Rock’s sophomore album "90059". It features TDE and Black Hippy members – Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q and Rock himself. Cardo and Yung Exclusive (aka Yex) produced the song. The title of the song refers to Los Angeles (Vice City). A vice is a behavior that is considered immoral or sinful. Each artist touches on their personal vices, but the overarching theme is the social commentary of black culture. As depicted in the video, the vices appear to be money and women—stereotypical vices that are often glamorized in the media. This is the music video version which has a longer verse from ScHoolboy Q, but ends after that instead of after Kendrick Lamar. ScHoolboy’s extra verse can only be found in the song’s music video. Here are the lyrics: "A dashiki on, with a fedora on And my round glasses, tryna fool the cops I’m with you Dot, on that sneak dissing When you penny bitchin', nigga, shoot the fade Ugly nigga, but I’m fine as wine Did you check your time? I get good with age Shoot the nine, like fourth grade Black Hippy droppin', eyebrows raised"

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