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Jason Reeves - Only With You

No matter where you wonder, no matter what you see
I want to be the one you look for when you fall asleep
No matter where you're going, no matter where you've been
I only wanna know that you'll be coming back again

And when I have you home, I'll have you to myself
There won't be no one else
Lover I'll lay with you
Only with you

Our skin in silver shadows reflecting all the stars
We shine together cause we fade when we get far apart.
Sun rising in the morning, moon rising in the dark
It doesn't matter just as long as I am where you are

And when you have me home, you'll have me to yourself
There won't be no one else
Lover, I'll lay with you
Only with you

Cause it's you or lonely
(I know what I'm fighting for, I know what I'm fighting for)
It's you or lonely

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