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Japanese Breakfast - Posing For Cars

[Verse 1]
Woke from a dream in which you'd left me
Posing for cars on the American stoop
Don't make me beg you just 'cause you can
I'm just a woman with loneliness
I'm just a woman with needs

[Chorus 1]
And how could you ever conceive
How much I need you, how truly barren I can be?
They say that time, it is the only certainty
But it's been one o'clock for hours
Oh, the day is long, untangling

[Verse 2]
Can't sort release from what I sold you
Is this what it takes to enjoy the day?
All of my pleasures left on display
I'm just a hollow root pushing through
I'm just the empty space inside the room

[Chorus 2]
And how could you ever conceive
This adolescent heart skipping beats?
When all your love, it grows full and firm beneath
Without a festered thought, without an emerald want
Just a single slow desire fermenting
[Guitar Solo]

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