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Jaden - Watch Me

Watch me, watch me
Watch me, do this
Watch me, watch me
Watch me, do this

[Verse 1]
Can't find me up, up, and away
I give a fuck 'bout your wave
My nigga, I surf every day
Drownin' my soul in the basement, ayy
I ain't got much in the bank
I got a lot I could say
Caught up with goddesses, hey
I hope you forgive my mistakes
Yeah, run around with the renegades
You should take a seat, save your energy
I try to heal the gash with a band-aid
In the time of need, you call your enemies
I landed in Ibiza and I need a visa
I ain't playin' with you, this no Mamma Mia
Need a Hottie-tottie with a body, yeah
I just spit the knowledge then I'm out of here

(Yeah!) That's what they yell when we come around
(Yeah!) This is your town, well we run it now
(Yeah!) How big is your army, a hundred thousand?
(Yeah!) If you want the rain then we comin' down

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