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Jaden - SOHO

SoHo, I'm
SoHo, I'm

Said she wanna go to SoHo (SoHo, SoHo)
I just took one sip, all them cars move in slow-mo (Slow-mo, slow-mo)
New supermodel bae, tryna keep it on the low-low (Super hush-hush)
Broke up with me one day, girl your heart's just so cold (Like so fucking cold)
Said that I'd give you the world and you turned it to a snow globe

Oh no, baby now they takin' photos
Me and my red cup in the cut, girl, I'm solo, dolo
Head in the club, girl I won't go
I got niggas looking for me, comin' for my whole soul (Yeah)

[Verse 1]
Tryna get me, they think they slicky, I'm on road though
I got all those sexy pictures of you wearin' no clothes (No clothes)
I don't post those, you know the flow so cold
This mic froze over 'cause he know I'm Frozone
Everything I wear on the air is the wardrobe (Woah)
Fuck the po-po, bounce this like pogo
See what you do to me bae, I'm loco
Hit me on the phone (Yuh, ayy)

Jaden Smith starts off "The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape" with “SOHO,” which is a reminiscent song likely about ex-girlfriend Sarah Snyder. The couple broke up in December 2016, and Jaden explains their relationship with help from a wavy instrumental. Throughout the song, Jaden Smith pours out his emotions and feelings of the love lost. The tone of his voice and power of his words clearly indicate how affected he is about this specific event.

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